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Tweete was created as an alternative to the mobile web and slandr mobile clients. Twitter mobile web was too featureless, and slandr was too heavy on the bandwidth.

Tweete caters for the middle ground, a combination of commonly used features in a lightweight interface. It has been designed to be fairly customizable depending on your needs.

Logging into Tweete is easy. Simply use your twitter login details, no need to create a new account! Try it out now!

Tweete is currently still in BETA, so be warned. For status updates, follow @tweete or @bmn on twitter. :)


The original version of Tweete was written in August 2008. It was built on a standard LAMP stack with the additional of KohanaPHP as the framework.


The current version of Tweete has been coded with the same set of tools as the original version – with one major difference. We replaced Kohana and PHP with Python and Tornado.

  • Python 2.6
  • Tornado
  • MySQL 5
  • Apache 2.2


  • Supports Twitter OAuth
  • Update status
  • View user + friends timeline with pagination
  • View replies with pagination
  • View direct messages with pagination
  • Send direct messages
  • View user profiles
  • Follow & Unfollow users
  • View current API limit usage
  • View favourites with pagination
  • Add/Delete favourites
  • Search twitter
  • Configurable Menus
  • Tweete settings profiles
  • Avatars within the timeline
  • Themes
  • Turn the header bar on/off
  • The ability to enable a restrictive input box or not. i.e. limit input at 140 chars
  • Enable/Disable Auto-refresh
  • Customize the ReTweet syntax
  • Resume line – so you know where you are up to on the /home page
  • Ability to choose between native ReTweet or old style ReTweet
  • Now features a Reply All button to make group replying easier
  • Choose a custom base font size depending on your device
  • Split tweets longer than 140 chars into multiple tweets
  • Copy hashtags when replying to keep the conversation flowing
  • Configure links to go through Googles Web Translator
  • Pick where you want the previous/next buttons displayed (top, bottom or both)
  • Configurable favicon
  • Fine-grained control on how much information is displayed on each tweet